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Juniperus scopulorum
'Tolleson's Weeping'

Common: Tolleson's Weeping Juniper
Family: Cupressaceae
Origin: Native to Rocky Mountains. Occurs throughout drier lower mountains and foothills and northern plains from glaciated valleys of British Columbia to mesas of the southwest.
Light: Full sun; tolerates partial shade on coast
Water: Some summer water in hot areas. Hardy nature, drought tolerant. Once established, need very little supplemental irrigation.
Temperature: Accepts wide variety of soil and climate.

Unique and interesting specimen plant. A cultivar of the Rocky Mountain Juniper with weeping branches.

Grafted juniper, growing to 20 feet or more, 10 ft. wide. Silvery gray, string-like foliage hanging gracefully from arching branches. Bark is reddish gray to brown, furrowed, and shreddy.

Junipers are among the toughest plants in the landscape.

Pests to watch for include spider mites, aphids, twig borers. Juniper blight causes twigs and branches to die back. Characterized by long life span and slow growth rate. Regeneration is through seed.

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