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Desert Arboretum Park at ASU Arboretum

Desert Arboretum Park gatesThe Desert Arboretum Park was conceived by a design team consisting of university employees and outside consultants. The park was created in the 1990's as a destination and event location, tucked into the side of Tempe Butte

The three elements of the park include an amphitheater, aquatic habitat, and southwestern desert gardens. The Desert Arboretum Park is located just south of the once flowing Salt River corridor, and is featured on the ASU Virtual Tour.

The park sits within a greater urban setting that lies between Sun Devil Stadium and Packard Stadium. The park is part of the larger Arboretum and is designated as a location that will serve as a botanical refuge for desert plants. Funding for the park's development comes through donations and grants.

The park entry gates were designed by Joe Tyler and R. Scott Cisson. When the gates are closed, an image can be seen that depicts the full growth of a native tree with its canopy gently falling to the ground. The large size of the gates relates to the scale of the site, and the mountain that sits adjacent to the park.

These gates help to emphasize that this is indeed a special place, and acts as an introduction to the park, greeting visitors during the hours of operation and providing a pleasing enclosure to the park's main entrance with the park is closed.