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AZ Arboretums


Our plant list encompasses many of the plants used in arboretums, botanical gardens and private homes throughout the Desert Southwest. It is not exclusive to any one arboretum or public garden listed on this website, and is not meant to represent an exclusive plant list of any one garden or arboretum.

The Arboretum at ASU encompasses the entire Tempe campus of Arizona State University.

The Arboretum in Flagstaff is dedicated to helping visitors understand the plants and plant communities of the Colorado Plateau.

The mission of Boyce Thompson Arboretum is to instill in people an appreciation of plants through the fostering of educational, recreational, research, and conservation opportunities associated with arid-land plants.

The Desert Botanical Gardens specializes in the conservation and study about arid-land plants of the world.

Tucson Botanical Gardens was founded in 1968 and has since evolved from a backyard garden to a key educational and cultural resource in greater Tucson serving about 100,000 people a year.